"I truly believe that Bradenton Christian gave me a firm foundation when entering the Ivy League. My teachers and coaches helped me form a self-identity, giving me confidence in an environment where many students fall away. I was taught strong study habits, time management skills, and how to talk comfortably with teachers in order to be successful in my tougher college courses. Most importantly, BCS inspired in me a personal walk with Jesus Christ that I have been able to continue even on an intensely secular campus. It gave me such an invaluable opportunity to truly gain an in-depth understanding of scripture, that I have even been able to start a Bible study with my football teammates. I couldn’t imagine a healthier high school experience anywhere else." Joshua Clark, Class of 2012

"BCS is more than a school. I thankfully have parents that appreciate the value of a strong Christian education and I was blessed with the opportunity to attend BCS from Kindergarten until I graduated in 1993. Having the opportunity to be educated in a smaller private school allowed me to receive specific attention and concern from teachers and administrators that truly cared for me and my success. The opportunity to play sports year round during high school allowed me to gain valuable life experiences and memories that will last a life time. Most importantly, the emphasis BCS placed on the importance of my relationship with Jesus Christ in all aspects of my life was vital to establishing a solid Christian foundation and preparing me for life after High School, through college, law school and ultimately my career as an attorney. Following in the wisdom of my parents before me, I now have my kids attending BCS and look forward to partnering along side the teachers, coaches and administration of BCS in raising my children as they grow physically, mentally and spiritually during their developmental years." James Price, Class of 1993

“Bradenton Christian School shaped my character, gave me unique opportunities, and most importantly helped establish a Christian foundation. I attended BCS from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The teachers and coaches throughout my years at BCS truly cared for me. They were devoted to teaching life from a biblical perspective. The friendships that I developed at BCS are some of the closest and most genuine friendships that I have. I am now blessed to be able to send my children to BCS. It is comforting to drop them off at school knowing that they are part of the same Christian community that I grew up in. I believe that one of the most important things that I can do as a parent is place them in a Christian environment during their most impressionable years. I am confident that the foundation laid at BCS will serve them just as it has served me through my life.” Nathan Kragt, Engineer at CPH Engineers, Class of 1999

From Pre-K to Senior year at Bradenton Christian School, I always knew that I was in a special place. I truly understood how blessed I was to grow up where I did when I walked into my first day of classes at the University of Florida. My family has been involved with BCS for four generations, so that was all I had ever known. I had never been a “new kid” before, nor had I ever been in an environment with a multitude of religions, political views, and opinions. Being in a warm, Christian environment my entire life was not a weakness or limitation, but it was in fact an amazing opportunity – to be blessed with a solid foundation. The rigorous, Christ-centered education at BCS prepared me to enter a challenging and secular academic world. BCS provided a stimulating environment that reinforced a dedication to academics, discipline in athletics, appreciation for music and art, and strong Christian values. My teachers at BCS truly invested in me, and they helped me develop critical thinking skills to grow academically and personally. I am now attending a university that challenges me daily, but I feel prepared in every way.

Many of my favorite memories from growing up include being in BCS classrooms and playgrounds, playing on the volleyball court, having interim experiences like NYC, and going to chapels and retreats. All along, BCS was gradually and purposefully preparing my heart and mind for when I tossed my graduation cap in the air and headed up to Gainesville. Being in a school like this allowed me to experience God through everything I did in the classroom, on the court, and on the stage. My friendships with classmates and relationships with teachers will last a lifetime. The end goal is to glorify God in all that we do, and I am so thankful for the strengthening of my faith and a deeper understanding of God’s truth. BCS focuses on something that is invaluable – an identity in Christ that equips us to live our lives solely for Him. Haley Waldo, Class of 2015