BCS is the choice for those seeking a challenging academic environment within the context of a Christian worldview. The curriculum is chosen with our mission in mind: to prepare the hearts and minds of God's children.

First and foremost, BCS seeks to fully integrate every discipline with the Truth of God's Word. All facts and knowledge are created by God and therefore, cannot be fully understood apart from Him. Christian education seeks to have students always view God's world through the lens of His Word - to fully integrate all that they hear, read and experience with the Truth of Scripture. The goal of Christian education and what is emphasized on a daily basis is that children will see the invisible attributes of God in every subject area.

We endeavor to grow the faith of our students with the goal of equipping them to successfully promote and defend their faith. Our curriculum encourages students to see every academic discipline as an avenue to understanding God's world and their place in it. The Bible is not only integrated in each classroom, but it saturates all that we do.