BCS Test Scores

Iowa Assessments

The results are in and once again our elementary and middle school students excelled on their standardized test! All of our classes tested above the national average for their grade levels. The 5.2 score for 3rd grade means they scored as one would expect 5th graders in their 2nd month of school to score on the test, as compared to the national 3rd grade average of 3.8. Hooray for our students and their teachers! Our composite scores are as follows:


1.6 Grade Equivalency

First Grade

2.3 Grade Equivalency

Second Grade

3.7 Grade Equivalency

Third Grade

5.2 Grade Equivalency

Fourth Grade

6.7 Grade Equivalency

Fifth Grade

7.6 Grade Equivalency

Sixth Grade

8.3 Grade Equivalency

Seventh Grade

10.2 Grade Equivalency

Eighth Grade

11.7 Grade Equivalency

2017 ACT Test Scores

2017 ACT Test Scores

The ACT is taken by high school students and college-bound individuals. The score results are used bycolleges for admission, course placement and advising purposes. The ACT is a curriculum and standards-based exam that assesses students’ academic reading for college and career. There are four subtests on the ACT:English, Math, Reading and Science. Each of the four required ACT subject area tests is scored on a scale of 1-36. The ACT composite score, also scored on a scale of 1-36, is the average of the student’s four required subject test scores. Around one-tenth of 1 percent of students who take the ACT earn a top score of 36. Below is the BCS Class of 2017 average ACT score results.
























AP Scores

At the end of last year, 92 BCS students took Advanced Placement (AP) exams in 13 subject areas. Advanced Placement is a program in the United States andInternational program created by the College Board which offers college-levelcurricula and examinations to high school students. Colleges and universities may grant course credit to students who obtain high scores on the AP exams.

We are pleased to announce our students had a passing rate of 78.3% far exceeding the state and global rates (54.6% and 60.3% respectively). In addition, a total of 14 current and recent BCS graduates have earned 2017 AP Scholars Awards inrecognition of their exceptional achievement on AP Exams.

AP Scholar is granted to students who earned a 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.BCS is proud to announce Adam Capps, Cameryn Cash, Nathaniel Cunneen, Megan Dozeman, Lindsey Feikema, Julia Hadden, Rita Hao, Kyle Hassall, Josh Ingram, Taylor Prokosch, Sierra Shontere, Rayna Smith, Amy Van Ryn, and Roselyn Ward received this high honor.

AP Scholar with Honor is granted to students who have earned an average of 3.25 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four of these exams.Congratulations to John Hedman, Haylee Millar, Cece Rulon, and Ashley Waldo who were the awarded this honor.

AP Scholar with Distinction is granted to students who have earned anaverage of at least a 3.5 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. We are thrilled to announce Gabriella Gonzalez has received the highest honor from the results of her AP scores.