College Resources

Where to begin when preparing for college can be overwhelming! However, there are a plethora of resources available for students to explore careers, majors and colleges that may match their talents and interests. This page is dedicated to tips and resources to assist in all these areas.

To help with exploring possible careers, take a career interest survey like the one at The College Board. Also answer a questionnaire that will help you organize your thoughts and aspirations such as the University of Waterloo or Self Assessment Career Survey. Read articles on careers and search for careers at Career Magazine. Review actual job openings and see what kind of salary, skill requirements, experience necessary, location, and future openings at a site like Lastly, look through the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It provides a glimpse of the present state of various careers and a projection of the future demand for individuals in that profession.

Other Useful Career Links - choose FL choices planner under Careers for interest inventory and builder program - Assists your student in their career planning - Job search - U.S. Army - U.S. Navy - U.S. Marines - U.S. Air Force - Job search guide from your local public library - Career exploration - Career & school search - Today's military careers - Premier source of information, financing, and assistance to students - Vocational information center - One stop site on financial strategies, career options, and career planning - The ultimate website for life after high school - provides useful advice on college majors