Bradenton Christian School (BCS) has a lot to offer your child including a rigorous college prep, Christian curriculum taught by excellent Christian teachers,  AP and honors courses, an excellent Fine Arts program with jazz band, pep band, concert band, choirs, art and ceramics, 35 different middle and high school athletic teams, computers, engineering, construction, interim trips, drama productions and more.

Admissions Criteria

  • BCS is a covenantal Christian school. At least one parent/guardian must:
    • have a clear testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
    • support BCS' doctrinal position and Statement of Belief.
    • regularly attend (in-person) a local Christian church.
    • not be participating in practices that would be considered illegal or considered by the school as immoral or inconsistent with a positive Christian lifestyle.
    • abide by the Westminster Confession's definition of marriage. 
  • Pastor’s recommendation from a local Christian church  (Note: if new to the area, the pastor recommendation can come from your previous church.  An updated pastor recommendation will be required within 6 months once enrolled.)
  • The applicant has a desire to attend BCS and adhere to the standards in the student handbook.
  • The following areas are indicators for enrollment: 
    • The applicant has a “C” average or a 2.0 GPA as indicated on a report card and/or transcript.
    • The applicant is in good behavioral standing for a minimum of one year in their current school with no suspensions, expulsions or excessive referrals.
    • The applicant demonstrates a pattern of achievement on standardized testing and that he/she is prepared to succeed in the grade level that they are applying.  * Note: a $25 fee will be assessed if testing must be expedited or scheduled on a date other than testing dates set by BCS.
      • Applicants score at or above current grade level on the entrance exam.
      • Kindergarten applicants score at or above current norms on the entrance exam.

All candidates are carefully and prayerfully considered by the Admissions Committee. The committee makes an enrollment decision considering not only what BCS can offer the student, but also what contributions the student can make to BCS. When applying, parents/guardians should understand that the decision of the Admissions Committee is made with the best interest of each candidate as a primary concern.​

To arrange a campus tour, contact the Admissions Office at 941-792-5454 Ext.150 or email at Please let us know how we can assist you in this very important decision for your student's future.