The Middle School Drama Department Presents

The Story: Pity poor Streptococcus - it should be a piece of cake for a fairy godmother to tell the story of Snow White but her wand is bent and things aren't going quite as they should. Then, to make things worse, she's interrupted by a couple of English policemen who are hot on the trail of two very devious and dangerous criminals - children who are causing no end of trouble in the forest. Their names? Hansel and Gretel! Streptococcus doesn't believe a word of it and neither do a well-behaved pair of kiddies in the audience who volunteer to help her tell Hansel and Gretel's familiar tale. But before everyone lives happily ever after, the police insist on having their say and the well-behaved kiddies aren't happy about that at all.


November 14 & 16 @ 7:00 pm

Theater Seating

Adults - $7.00
Children 10 & under - $5.00

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